Valid from April 16 to 30, 2015 Offer from April 16 to 30, 2015

Your Action:

Register for the FREE 2015 REALTORS® Trade Expo, May 13-14 in Washington, DC

Your Reward:

1 Free Personalized PDF Brochure of your choice through NAR's Print on Demand Program


Register for NAR’s REALTORS® Trade Expo between April 16-30. The event is FREE for members to attend May 13-14 in Washington, DC. You’ll have access to 100 exhibitors to shop the latest real estate tools for your business. Plus, don’t miss great networking opportunities on the show floor.

You will receive an an email with instructions and a promotional code to customize and order the PDF of your preference from our Print on Demand (POD) Program for FREE within 48 hours of completing your registration. Participants are only eligible to receive 1 customized PDF, it is the participants responsibility to review all customization on the PDF prior to placing a Print on Demand order.

There are 13 different PDF brochures in the Print on Demand Program to choose from. The coupon only applies to a customized PDF and is not valid on orders for Print on Demand printed brochures. You can login to the Print on Demand site while you are waiting for your promotional code and begin updating your account profile and adding your personal information. Please do not place an order for the product though until you have received your coupon code.

All US members of the National Association of REALTORS® are eligible to receive this offer. Must have a valid NRDS ID number and e-mail address to register. Only registrations completed between April 16 and 30, 2015, will be eligible for this offer; prior REALTORS® Trade Expo registrations do not qualify.

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