Valid from August 16 to 30, 2017 Offer from August 16 to 30, 2017

Your Action:

Join the REach® Insight Panel and Complete One Demo of a REach® Class of 2017 Company

Your Reward:

Your choice of free software products and discounts valued at nearly $1500 from the REach® 2017 companies, PLUS, a chance to win 1 fo 2 iPads offered by Notarize and House Canary and an Apple iWatch from Occly

  • The rewards include the following free software services and discounts.
    Centriq:50% off an Annual Centriq Unlimited Plan - $175 value + the chance to win an Apple iWatch - $400 value Occly:70% off an Occly Blinc personal security device and the 1st year of service – over a $400 savings.
    Pearl Certification:a Pearl Home Certification package – value of $300+
    Relola : free basic Relola account - $120 annual value
    Trusted Mail: 66% discount on Trusted Mail subscription - $120 in annual savings
    Adwerx : $25 credit for any Adwerx campaign
    Immoviewer : 40% off an immoviewer hardware package (camera and tripod) and 3 free floorplans – a $275 value
  • You have until October 31, 2017 to claim your reward from any of the REach companies
  • Total Value: Nearly $1500


The REach® Insight Panel was created for real estate professionals like you to help improve your business and the real estate industry. Test out new products and provide feedback so that the tools and services are customized for YOU! After demoing one or more products and completing a brief survey, you will receive exclusive offers from the companies.

National Association of Realtors® created REach® to build a bridge between Realtors® and today’s top new technology companies. If you are looking to take your business to the next level, the REach companies can help you get there.

We know how hard it is to sort through the thousands of technology companies out there to find the ones that can truly help you save time and earn more in your business. The REach® companies represent this year’s top technology companies and have been identified and selected to participate in the program because we feel they have the potential to add tremendous value to you as members and the industry as a whole.

Instructions to Participate:
  • Sign-up for the Insight Panel and complete at least one company user flow.
  • The demo will take approximately 5-10 minutes, including a short user experience survey for you to complete at the end of the test. Please be honest! Your input will be shaping these tools for the entire industry so true and clear feedback in the survey is much appreciated.
  • Once you complete at least one user experience survey you will be provided a link to the exclusive offers to MVP participants. There are SEVEN total demos, and we encourage you to take as many as you can!

    Below is a list of REach 2017 companies you can demo:
    Centriq The app helps solve the problem of transferring home organization, repair and maintenance knowledge from the seller to the buyer while keeping real estate professionals connected to their clients long after the transaction is over.
    HouseCanary The most complete and accurate source of residential valuations and analytics for every block and property in the U.S., and is used by agents to become differentiated, trusted advisors to their clients.
    Notarize : A leading remote electronic notary service, which allows anyone to legally notarize a document from their mobile device or desktop 24-hours per day, seven days per week.
    Occly: A portable 2-in-1 alarm solution that keeps real estate professionals safe and properties secure.
    Pearl Certification: Certifies homes with features that contribute to its comfort, energy performance, indoor air quality and value.
    Relola : Unlocks real estate professionals’ insider knowledge with tools that digitize, amplify and market their everyday tasks.
    Trusted Mail: Protects against wire fraud and email spoofing using facial-biometrics to sign and encrypt email and attachments.
    Adwerx Online advertising and digital marketing tools for real estate professionals.
    immoviewer : 360-degree 3D virtual tour technology specificially aimed at the real estate industry.

    Registrants between August 16 and August 30 will receive free products and discounts from the REach companies. Click the Act Now Button above to register through REach Insight Panel MVP Offer.

    Only U.S. Members of the National Association of REALTORS® are eligible to receive this MVP offer. You must have a valid NRDS ID number and e-mail address to participate.