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This March, HouseLogic is adding new, free home buying articles to the REALTORⓇ Content Resource that you can share with your clients. These articles, geared towards first-time home buyers, cover the entire home buying journey - choosing a loan, getting the most out of open houses, making an offer, knowing what to expect at the inspection, and closing the deal.

The REALTORⓇ Content Resource makes it easy to share HouseLogic articles in all your consumer communications: Download them as handouts, add them to your site or blog, share them via email, or post article links to your Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  1. Click the “Act Now” button to access our HouseLogic landing page.
  2. Enter your Member ID, First Name, Last Name and Email Address to sign-up for REALTORⓇ Content Resource emails.
  3. From there, visit the REALTORⓇ Content Resource, where you can login with your NRDS ID and share any articles from “HouseLogic’s Best Tips for Home Buying” theme.

In addition, you’ll be added to our REALTORⓇ Content Resource email list. Monthly, you’ll receive great articles to share with clients and prospects.