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Share Homeownership Matters Month with Your Clients

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Social Media for REALTORS: 101+ Do’s and Don’ts –Download

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June is National Homeownership Month, join us in celebrating! The Consumer Advocacy Outreach Program, Homeownership Matters needs your help to promote homeownership in your community and inspire current and future homeowners to advocate for policies that protect homeownership.

It is easy – share one of the social posts provided along with the images using on the form using #HomeownerHero. In addition to helping protect homeownership now and into the future, you will also receive a digital download of Social Media for REALTORS: 101+ Do’s and Don’ts –Download.

Here is the example Twitter and Facebook copy:
June is National Homeownership Month! Every day we celebrate #Homeownership and each #HomeownerHero who helps protect the American Dream.
Being a #HomeownerHero means advocating for homeownership today, tomorrow, and beyond!
A #HomeownerHero invests in their community, advocates for homeownership, and inspires the next generation of homeowners!

Click the ACT NOW and share homeownership matters with your clients today!